Calendar of Events:

May 2023:

5/2: Practices 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

5/4: Practices 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

5/6: Livingston Band Review

5/9: Practices 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

5/11: Practices 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

5/13: Del Mar Band Review

5/26: Band Banquet

5/27: Great America

Itinerary for Saturday May 13, 2023 - 

Del Mar Band Review

Parent Volunteers

FSUSD Volunteer Information:

If you have already been fingerprinted for another school in the district or a district employee please click the following link and fill out the form. That is all you will need to complete.  Already Fingerprinted Click Here 

If you have not been fingerprinted:

Please use the following link to complete your online live scan form and make an appointment to be fingerprinted: - The cost is $52.00

* IMPORTANT: If you would like to be printed at the district office, on the appointment screen, choose

“Substitutes and Volunteers, HR 1st floor, PS7”. 

If you choose to be printed at a location other than the FSUSD district office, you will need to ask for a copy of the live scan form when you have completed fingerprinting, and return it to Debbie Byrd in Human Resources, 1st floor at the district office, or send to

Fingerprinting is a confidential, criminal background check on each individual, for the safety of our students and staff.

This information is not shared between agencies, and FSUSD cannot accept any other printing you’ve done in the past, nor can printing for FSUSD be used to clear you for any other agency. Once we are notified by the Department of Justice that your fingerprints have cleared, we will notify the school site secretary via email. After approximately one week, please contact the secretary to inquire whether or not you are eligible.

Notification is received as soon as the Department of Justice clears your background. This is different for each individual,

and we do not know when this will be. Occasionally there are delays, for reasons unknown to us, and in these cases, we do just need to wait for the DOJ to notify us.

Once received, your clearance will stay on file for as long as your children are in our district, unless a notification is received from DOJ that something has changed. 

Thank you!

Debbie Byrd
Personnel Specialist I

FSUSD Human Resources
2490 Hilborn Rd.
Fairfield, CA  94534
Ph: 707-399-5078
Fax: 707-399-5139

Marching Band Google Classroom

Everyone in marching band should be part of the Armijo Super Band Google Classroom.  Use Code: 74v33xa

Marching Band Attendance Policy

Marching Attendance Policy 2019.pdf Marching Attendance Policy 2019.pdf
Size : 227.823 Kb
Type : pdf

Absence / Conflict Notification

Absence.pdf Absence.pdf
Size : 87.441 Kb
Type : pdf

Leaving Early:

Fill this out immediately.  Must be picked up by a parent only.

Transportation Release Form.pdf Transportation Release Form.pdf
Size : 78.84 Kb
Type : pdf

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